Artist Profile: Sarah Cowan

Name: Sarah Cowan
Location: Manchester
Occupation: Freelance graphic designer and illustrator
Place of Study: University of Cumbria

The Drawing Round!
Can you draw us a self portrait in 60 seconds?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Three things you love

Three things you hate

When looking for inspiration:
What websites have you been on?

Tumblr, Flickr, Pinterest, Twitter, Superpunch, Etsy, Creative Boom, Blogspot, YCN, Nobrow.

What have you been watching?
Mostly youtube cat videos.. or owl videos.. or owl and cat videos (for example)

What are you listening to?

My love for Peter Gabriel has been recently rekindled. His most recent albums "Scratch My Back" and "New Blood" feature a gorgeous orchestra that compliment Peter’s amazing voice. It’s fantastic music to work to.

Your work right now:
What have you been working on recently?
I’m formulating ideas for new products to stock in my online store for 2012. In the meantime I’m still working freelance for businesses back home in Cumbria. I've been living in Manchester for three weeks now, so currently finding my feet with local businesses here.

Can you give us any useful tips for a new artist looking to make their way?
It sounds cliché, but be yourself. In the creative industry people mostly don’t just look at your work, they want to know what you’re about as a person. Develop an online presence that people can tap into and get an idea of what you’re about.

How was it to collaborate with other artists for Evermade?
It was a lot of fun working with Jon. We had such great ideas it was hard to pick one to work on!
Here’s the first draft of my half of the collaboration.

What mediums do you use most?
I mostly sketch out my work in pencil or ink and then tidy/develop it digitally in Photoshop. I’m a great admirer of digital work with traditional nuances so I aim to achieve this in my work too.

Who and what are your influences in your work?
The amazing people I know, music, nature, animals, mythology and folklore, retro and vintage, arts and crafts, design/illustration, my own personal mishaps.

What’s next for you?
2012 seems to be the year where anything is possible!

Any New years resolutions?
Actually, yes! You can find them here on my blog here.


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