Artist Profile: Kiley Victoria Woolgar

Next up in our Artist Profiles is Kiley Victoria Woolgar, the artist behind one half of the Inconspicuous Getaway.

Name: Kiley Victoria Woolgar
Location: Leicester
Occupation: Freelance Illustrator
Place of Study: University of Lincoln

The Drawing Round! 
Can you draw us a self portrait in 60 seconds?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Three things you love

Three things you hate

When looking for inspiration:
What websites have you been on?
Curious, The Adam & Eve Projects, Pinterest, Blogspot, FlickR, Yahoo, Behance, A Beautiful Mess, Where the Lovely Things are, Nobrow, Oh Comely, Ten Paces, ffffound, Tiger Print, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Jackie Magpie, Oh Joy Studio….I could make a list forever long, but I'll stop.

What have you been watching?
When I'm not listening to music sometimes I like to put movies in the background while I'm working. The last thing I watched was Dirty Girl. The soundtrack was ace too, bonus! >_<

What are you listening to?
My playlist on Spotify called Draw here

Your work right now:
What have you been working on recently?
A children's demonstration book :)

Can you give us any useful tips for a new artist looking to make their way?
Self promotion and sending out direct mail of my work.

How was it to collaborate with other artists for Evermade (can you show us some  progress shots)?
Yeah I enjoyed it. Lots of idea filled emails, sketching and photoshop.

What mediums do you use most?
My trusty pencil that looks like a pen, a magma sketchbook (useful facts at the back), Acrylic Paint, Sandpaper, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Who and what are your influences in your work?
Everything! Native American/European Art, Vintage Patterns, Charity shops and Car Boots. I have a massive list of my favourite and most influential artists on my illustration Facebook here

What’s next for you?
The best and worst thing about the illustration industry is you never know whats next.

Any New years resolutions?
Move into a City!

So that concludes our second feature on Evermade. Thank you Kiley for sharing and participating in our feature. I especially loved the pens in the mugs, so neat and organised! And what a great idea to save space and old mugs :)
Come back again soon for more features guys. Remember if there's a question you want asked, don't hesitate to contact us at


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