Artist Profile: David Ryan Robinson

This is the first in the series of profiles on the artists that we've worked with. Keep reading to find out more!

Name: David Ryan Robinson (call me Ryan!)
Location: London
Occupation: Freelance illustrator
Place of Study: The University of Salford

The Drawing Round! 

Can you draw us a self portrait in 60 seconds?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Three things you love

Three things you hate

When looking for inspiration:
What websites have you been on?

A list of my bookmarks: Flickr, Blogspot, Facebook, Twitter, National rail, Statcounter, Gmail, Serebii, Etsy, TV Catchup, Tumblr,, YouTube, PayPal, Illustration Mundo, Creative Review, the Little Chimp Society, Outlook, Smogon, Hot UK Deals, Natwest online banking,, Gamethemesongs, Bulbapedia, Wikipedia paper sizes,,  Hire an Illustrator, Behance, Fanbridge, Linkedin, Transport For London, Amazon, Googlemaps, Meetup, Google Plus, Friend or Follow.
Quite a mix of websites!

What have you been watching?
Adventure Time with Finn and Jake!

What are you listening to?

I have to mix different music types throughout the day, otherwise I feel really fidgety, from Elliot Smith to Anamanaguchi.

Your work right now:
What have you been working on recently?
I am in the middle of drawing a huge map of London. I’m hoping it’s going to look pretty good.  I’m also currently freelancing at Cartoon Network!

For more information on the map, you can click here to see progress

Can you give us any useful tips for a new artist looking to make their way?
Don’t give up!

How was it to collaborate with other artists for Evermade (can you show us some  progress shots)?
Yeah it was good. Unfortunately I don’t have any progress shots. I just drew for a few hours and then done!

What mediums do you use most?
A nice pen on good paper. Scanned and then coloured.

Who and what are your influences in your work?
Cartoons, nature, buildings, animals, Pokemon..

What’s next for you?
Carry on drawing. Carry on enjoying what I do!

Any New years resolutions?
Erm, nah. Sorry to be boring ha.

So there you have it. Now you guys know a little bit more about Ryan. Perhaps, for some you aspiring artist this has been informative and also entertaining. Just as Ryan says 'Don't give up!' and maybe some day soon we will see you on Evermade ;)
Remember you can buy Ryan's work at and you can find him here on Twitter.
And don't forget you can see more of the map of London right here.
Take care guys!


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