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Thanks to Jonny Saltmarsh, we have a sneak preview of our launch collection of art prints. This is an early extract from his work "Out of his League - Part 2" which will be part of a two part series. Part 1 is being worked on by Sarah Cowan. The idea behind the series will be that when placed on a wall, that despite they are by different artists in different styles, the art prints will look like they are interacting with each other. 

The artwork is being printed on Risograph, which gives a nice unique textured effect. Both pieces of wall art will be available for pre-order later this month.

You can see both of their work here: 

We also have work coming soon from Chris Piascik, David Ryan Robinson, Kiley Victoria Illustration and others.


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We have an early peek at our launch collection of art prints thanks to Jonny Saltmarsh. This is an early excerpt professional video animation services usa from his work "Out of his League " which will be published in two parts.

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